Vision & Mission


To educate, inform, and inspire all stakeholders through research studies, forums, partnerships, and community networks; to advocate for lasting system reform that is based on the tenets of school empowerment.


  • Our vision is an exemplary Hawaii public education system, transformed through school empowerment, servant leadership, and an unwavering quest for excellence in education.


  • The mission of EIH is to serve as an education think tank that educates, informs, and inspires all stakeholders, and that advocates for system reform, based on the tenets of school empowerment. 

Core Beliefs

  • A school empowerment system requires a philosophical shift.  There become only two categories of workers: those who work directly with the students, and those who support the efforts of those who work directly with students.  In short, everyone's primary job is to ensure a quality education for every child.

  • Hawaii’s public school teachers, principals and other administrators are competent professionals, fully committed to facilitating an outstanding education for every child.

  • An unacceptable number of children and educators are not thriving in the current system.

  • Top-down and one-size-fits-all instructional policies prevent teachers and principals from addressing the unique needs of students.

  • Improvements in the education system are lasting only if school personnel participate fully, feel ownership, and accept the responsibility that goes with ownership. 

  • Changes to the education system must include and engage a wide range of stakeholders - parents, students and community.